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Subject: Teleconference - May-10-2010 - 13:30 UTC - Minutes

XLIFF Inline Markup Subcommittee Teleconference

The SC home page is here:

=== 1) Administration, etc.

Present: Andrew, Milan, Asgeir, Yves, Magnus, and Bryan.

=== 2) Disposing of "Step 1" (scope)

--- 3.1.2. Canonical Representation of native content

Magnus: Canonical maybe too much?
Asgeir: as extra info if available.
Semantic representation: could be the same for processing (like g and x would be matched). Canonical is hard to enforced.
Magnus: how about bpt vs g, etc?
Asgeir: notation may be distinct from what is represented.
Maybe leaving this out of the scope. At least the case for "physical" representation.
But maybe we can encourage a common semantic.

Yves moves to use the following as resolution:

"We want to encourage a common semantic representation of the native constructs such as formatting, etc. in order to facilitates the re-use of translations across file formats and facilitates common processing."

Magnus seconds.
All in favor, no dissent.

--- 3.1.5. XML Implementation

Bryan: "Shall we have a new namespace?" was the point if I recall well.
Asgeir: probably not much sense for the scope, needed for after.
Yves, Bryan, Asgeir, Magnus, and Andrew: no backward compatibility
Milan: yes, but need a path from old to new.
Asgeir: Option of the offset annotation exists.
Magnus: Not friendly to XML processing. But conversion is possible.

Yves moves to use the following as resolution:

"- The markup will be in XML defined by an XML schema.
- No backward compatibility requirement, but we will have a migration path from the previous version.
- The specific about namespaces will be decided during the design phase."

Asgeir seconds
All in favor, no dissent.

--- 3.1.6 General Scope

Discussion on the resolution.
Magnus moves to use the following as resolution:

"The purpose of this specification is to define a common model for inline-level markup for localization, allowing task and tool agnostic resource exchange and processing. Our main implementation targets being XLIFF and TMX."

Andrew: seconds
All in favors, no dissent

ACTION ITEM: Asgeir will start a new wiki page that will be our "final" page where we put the clean text (no discussion there), and he will also put the scope definitions there.

ACTION ITEM: All to start looking at the requirements and add as need.

This was first and last SC meeting for Magnus. Thanks for the great work!
Magnus will still be at next TC meeting.

Asgeir: We used 1.5h this time, will it be the normal length?
Yves: Oops. My fault: was focused on the top of the hour. No meetings should be 1 hour normally.

Next meeting will be June-8th
meeting adjourned

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