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Subject: Teleconference - Feb-08-2011 - 15:00 UTC - Summary

XLIFF Inline Markup Subcommittee Teleconference - Summary

Present: Yves, Andrew.
Regrets: Milan, Christian, Lucia

=== 1) Admin

Minutes of previous meeting:

=== 2) Discussion

Requirement working page:
Markup options working page:

--- 2.1) Invalid XML character representation

ACTION ITEM: Yves to research 1.1 status
Done: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-inline/201101/msg00003.html and thread.

Yves: It seems 1.1 may not be the good solution.
Andrew: Agree. in our case we handle them by using inline codes (for some filters).
No specific guideline from XML people (besides that an XML file is for text)
Maybe a recommendation saying those characters should be treated as inline codes would be enough.

--- 2.2) Native data representation in inline

Thread on the native data representation:
ACTION ITEM: Yves to summarize the new options in the wiki and others to add/correct afterward.
Done: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-inline/201102/msg00000.html

Andrew: Maybe general principle
A self-contained TU is valuable. So maybe using the 'global' notation would be ok only if other things are already breaking the TU self-containment.
Otherwise using inside representation would be better.

ACTION ITEM: Yves to post email to lists on possible options to get feedback.

Andrew: Examples of "nasty" cases may help us.

ACTION ITEM: Andrew to post some "nasty" examples.

--- 2.3) Other codes/features

Need to start selecting some representation of each requirements, add definition text, etc.
See wiki for some of the mrk-related discussion.

Outcome of the discussion: It seems that making mrk into different more specialized elements would be beneficial for validation, clarity and modularity.

One note: In some areas, the progress of the SC may be dependent on the progress of the TC, for example on segmentation or TU self-containment.

ACTION ITEM: Yves to post a note on the TC list to point out the need for progress in those areas.

=== 5) Any Other Business?

- none.
- Next meeting will be March-08 at the new time (15h00 UTC)


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