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Subject: RE: [xliff-inline] Teleconference - Mar-08-2011

XLIFF Inline Markup Subcommittee Teleconference
Every second Tuesday of every month at 15:00 UTC
7:00am PT, 8:00am MT, 10:00am ET, 3:00pm London, 4:00pm Berlin.

Teleconference meeting place:
Meeting ID: 408-998-929
Duration: 1 hour
You can use the following US phone number, or the VOIP option provided by GoToMeeting:
Dial 630-869-1010 Access Code: 408-998-929

=== 1) Admin

Minutes of previous meeting:

Present: Yves, Christian.
Regrets: Andrew.

=== 2) Discussion

Requirement working page:

Markup options working page:

--- 2.1) Native data representation in inline code

Thread on the native data representation:

ACTION ITEM: Yves was to post email to lists on possible options to get feedback.
Done: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-users/201102/msg00002.html
Received some feedback.

The feedback was very interesting. So far there is no specific trend that seem to be emerging.
We also are still not having specific feedback from many tool makers (LionBridge, memoQ, Across, Virtaal, TDA, etc.)

Christian noted that a single option would be better for interoperability.
Yes noted that it may be difficult because without-content and with-content are both needed.
Christian pointed out also that the representation needs to work outside XLIFF if possible (that is part of the scope).
For example in TMX or possibly other formats (MT query, etc.)

Possibly it could be a very general inline markup useable on DITA, etc. as well.

Dita text <x:g id='1' ctype='bold' dita:attr1='v1'>bold</x:g>
Text <x:g id='1' ctype='bold'>[code]</x:g>

Yves noted that it needs to work for non-XML data (like RTF, binary, etc.)

Possible ideas could be taken from:
- XPath/XPointer. Advantage to re-use existing paradigms
- CSS also
- Ruby notation as well

Maybe others may know other things about XPath/XPointer/CSS/etc.
ACTION ITEM: Christian to contact Felix Sasaki and Richard Ishida for info.

ACTION ITEM: Andrew was to post some "nasty" examples on inline codes.

--- 2.2) Cloning, deletion, addition of inline codes.

Current requirements list need of feature to clone and add inline codes.
This may affect how inline code are represented.

Those are two different categories of info:

- CRUD operations allowed or not
- info on inline markup (e.g. this is a cloned code)

e.g. Text <g id='1' perm='someValue'> <g id='2' cloneFrom='1'>

Need to start the discussion on this.

--- 2.3) Span/markers -type elements

Last meeting conclusion was that 2.0 needed for specific elements than a generic <mrk>.
This time, let try to start defining those elements, based on the requirements.

Need for example for not-to-translate, term, annotation, etc.

Segmentation is to be discussed at the TC soon.

=== 3) Any Other Business?

Yves noted that the attendance not great and the progresses are slowing down.
We need to make sure do have discussions between meetings.
Maybe concretely reserving one hour a week for this would help?

- Next meeting will be April-12.


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