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xliff-inline message

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Subject: Teleconference - Tuesday Oct-11-2011

XLIFF Inline Markup Subcommittee Teleconference

Every second Tuesday of every month at 14:00 UTC
7:00am PDT, 8:00am MDT, 10:00am EDT, 11:00 Montevideo,
3:00pm London, 4:00pm Berlin.

Teleconference meeting place:
Meeting ID: 408-998-929
You can use the following US phone number, or the VOIP option provided by GoToMeeting:
Dial 630-869-1010
Access Code: 408-998-929

The summary of our main items is here:

Draft is under SVN, here:

=== 1.5. Must allow to associate spans of content with metadata

We had the action item to propose some representation for the same example.
The original post is here:

ACTION ITEM: Yves to provide new representation tries based on the discussion.
-> Not done yet.

=== Type of inline codes:

Should we keep or simplify the current 4 elements we have?

- merge <sc>/<ec> into <ph> with attribute?
- eliminate <pc> or not? (this would cancel requirement #17)

=== 1.16. Inline codes should have a way to store information about the effect on the segmentation

See http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-inline/201109/msg00005.html

=== Any other business



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