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Subject: RE: [xliff-inline] Isolated paired codes

Hi Fredrik, all,

> ...Here it seems that the <sc> and <ec> elements 
> should fill this function. But in other places 
> and in the detailed description of these codes 
> they seem to be more akin to the 1.2 <bpt> and 
> <ept> elements.
> ...

The intent was for <sc> and <ec> to replace both <bpt>/<ept> and <it>. But you are right: we are missing something. <sc> could replace both as the information about being a lone start in the unit can be detected by the absence of the <ec>. But currently an <ec> cannot exist without an rid, and we cannot have an rid poiting to no-where. So we need a solution at least for that. And maybe we want an explicit way to indicate a lone start/end as well.

This makes me thing we should have a small appendix with the list of all the 1.2 variations and the correspondence in 2.0. It would help us make sure we don't miss anything, and help the implementer who know 1.2.


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