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Subject: RE: [xliff-inline] Type of codes

One more thing. I got a request for clarification on <mrk>, so here it is, in case you missed some of the discussion lately:

The elements ph, pc, sc/ec are for storing original inline codes (e.g. an HTML <BR> or a HTML <B>...</B>).

In contrast mrk is to add "annotations" to the content: things that are added by the XLIFF  processors, editors, etc. For example markers to indicate all terms in the source, or highlighting a part of the target to attach a comment to it, etc.

<source>Text with a <mrk type='term'>term</mrk>.</source>

Such markers usually have no corresponding inline codes. Although there are exceptions. But for simplicity here let's assume there are none (I think we can do that because the exceptions shouldn't affect much the rationale to decide what among ph, pc, sc/ec we should use).

Hope this helps,

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