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Subject: Permissons attributes

Hi everyone,

To resume the discussion on the "editing hints".

(See http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-inline/201111/msg00008.html for the initial reference)

The current trend was to think that having a single attribute per type of permission would be better than grouping them all in a single attribute.

So we would have something like this:

- canDelete="yes/no" default is "yes"
- canCopy="yes/no" default is "yes"
- canReorder="yes/no" default is "yes"

Is this still the consensus?

--- Defaults:

The default value is important as it would be nice to avoid having to set the attribute for each inline code. Does "yes" seems to be the right default?

An additional feature could be a <file>-level method to define the defaults. In that case, the attributes would have an extra value "default" and that would be their default value.

This would allow each filter to set the default at the file level and not have to set the attributes in the unit.

The drawback is that we would lose the self-containment of the unit. Just looking at the unit would not tell what the default is. We could also have either or both <group> and <unit> have a way to define the defaults I suppose.

Is trying to have a way to specify default better than keeping thing very basic?

--- Non-clonable codes

Fredrik: I think you "volunteered" to provide a short summary of the issue about non-clonable codes.

I believe this is the same problem as described after the first example of this 1.2 spec section: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xliff/v1.2/os/xliff-core.html#Struct_Segmentation Is it correct?


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