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Subject: Splitting non-clonable codes

Hi Fredrik, all

> "This is an example of <pc id="1" nid="cm1">the issue.
> Where a tag spans</pc> two sentences."
> I propose that when we split this into two segments we 
> lower the <pc> into a <sc>/<ec> pair. ...
> "This is an example of <sc id="sc1" nid="cm1" 
> isolated="yes" orig-g-id="1">the issue.", " ", 
> "Where a tag spans<ec id="ec1" nid="cm1" isolated="yes"
> orig-g-id="1"> two sentences."

I think we already handle this type of split.

Maybe the problem you saw was about the original code? You use nid in <pc>, but currently we have actually nidStart and nidEnd for <pc>. (See "Summary" table in http://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/svn/xliff/trunk/inline-markup/inlineMarkupWorkingDraft.html)

So before the segmentation:

  <source>This is an example of <pc id="1" nidStart='cm1s' nidEnd='cm1e'>the issue. Where a tag spans</pc> two sentences.</source>

After the segmentation:

  <source>This is an example of <sc id="1" nid="cm1s" isolated="yes"/>the issue.</source>
  <source> </source>
  <source>Where a tag spans<ec id="1" nid="cm1e" isolated="yes"/> two sentences.</source>

There is only one inline code with id="1" in that <unit>, it's just represented by one <pc> element in one case, and by two elements (one <sc/> and one <ec/>) in the second case.

I don't think we need something like orig-g-id="1" to recreate the <pc> if needed later. But maybe I'm missing something.

This said. I think the non-clonable code issue still exists. But the problem is not created when we segment, it exists when a translation needs to split a single span-line code into two parts:

For example: "Äter <b>katter möss</b>?" into "Do <b>cats</b> eat <b>mice</b>?"

If instead of "<b>...</b>" we have some non-clonable code from some format (I can't think of any now, maybe MIF or IDML?), then I'm not sure how the issue could be resolved.


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