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Subject: RE: [xliff-inline] BiDi draft for discussion

Hi Fredrik,

Many thanks for the thorough work you've done with this.

A few questions/notes:

-- The source/target-dir attributes on <file>, <unit>, <segment>, <ignorable> sound ok. This forces the processor to keep track on inheritance. But I suppose this is fine.

A thought: What if we had no attributes until <unit> and the default there would be based on the languages? So you wouldn't even have to set anything except of the base direction was different that the default ones?

-- We'll have to define some processing expectation for the result of a join of segments/ignorables: For example, if one segment is LTR and the next RTL how do we carry that in the joined content?

-- No 'auto' value? This seems to have been added recently to dir. You think we don't need it?

Related to this: <bdo> or Unicode controls are equivalent, but what about the new <bdi> in HTML5? I don't think it has a Unicode control equivalent. I'm not sure but it looks like <bdi> would be equivalent to <bdo dir='auto'> (which you can't have because <bdo> requires dir to be set to either rtl or ltr).

So if you have an original code like this:

<p dir=auto class="u2"><b><bdi>Teacher</bdi>:</b> ما اسمك؟</p>

I assume we could represent it like this:

<unit id='1' source-dir='auto'>
  <source><pc id='1'><pc id='2' dir='auto'>Teacher</pc>:</pc> ما اسمك؟</source>


--- I'm still fuzzy on disp-dir. Is that just a way to specify the directionality for the original data (regardless were they are stored)?


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