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Subject: RE: [xliff-inline] XLIFF Inline Markup Subcommittee Teleconference - Dec-11-2012 - Summary

XLIFF Inline Markup Subcommittee Teleconference - Dec-11-2012 - Summary

Every second Tuesday of every month at 15:00 UTC 7:00am PT, 8:00am MT, 10:00am ET 3:00pm London, 4:00pm Berlin
Presents: Yves, Fredrik

=== Type attribute.

Summary is here:

ACTION ITEM: yves to update spec to reflect the type/subtype change
-> done.

Y: No further action required.

=== Names.

ACTION ITEM: Yves to post email for new names proposal.
-> done: first: 
-> https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-inline/201211/msg00005.ht
-> ml
then: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-inline/201212/msg00000.html
Notice is now in the draft.

Y: No further action required in the SC.

=== Draft.

Latest draft is here:

Jung expressed concerns about some of the PR here:

Fredrik answered here:

Y: I think this discussion does not prevent us to submit the draft to the TC where the discussion can continue and possible modifications can take place. At this point there is no reasons to keep the current document at the SC level.
F: agreed.

Text change to address the first point of Jung
old = "• User agents may leave the existing target unchanged."
new = "• User agents may leave the segment without target."

ACTION ITEM: Fredrik to change the specification.

Preventing segmentation issue:
F: position initially based on thinking XLIFF as the processing format
.. may change.
Y: This is a topic for the TC.

Y: Moves to put send the current draft (plus the changes above) as the final proposal from the SC to the TC.
F: Second.
The motion passes unanimously.

ACTION ITEM: Yves to make an informal ballot for all the group so they can record their opinion.
The ballot is informative only. The motion has passed already.

F: not sure if XLIFF doc are stand-alone or not (requires the schema or not?)
Y: think it's fine stand-alone
F: this is about the default values
Y: I see
F: schema provides the defaults
.. something for TC to discuss

=== Any other business

Y: This should be the last SC call.
.. thanks to Fredrik and all for the good work.


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