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Subject: Modified: 2nd Tuesday - Regular XLIFF OMOS TC telecenference (Conference Call)

Submitter's message
minutes added
-- Dr. David Filip
Event Title: 2nd Tuesday - Regular XLIFF OMOS TC telecenference (Conference Call)

Date: Tuesday, 08 March 2016, 05:00pm to 06:00pm WET
Location: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff-omos/members/action_item.php?action_item_id=3822

See the private action item for dial in details


This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.


A Admin

1. Rollcall


2. Approve meeting minutes from Feb 23



B Material:

1. technical deliverables

wiki location: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff-omos/

Patrik started his wiki gardening..

spec git request


Tabled until progress reported by OASIS Admin

a. JSON Serialization

Working list discussion? Wiki work?

Ryan did not provide a counter-example

b. Approach to OM

Working list discussion? Wiki work?

c. Copyright issues with submissions


fair use only

c. TBX Basic Mapping

Tabled until TC Git resolved

However, we need to make sure this is properly contributed to the TC


2. assignment of editor roles for the technical deliverables

Tabled until work done on wiki.

3. update on TMX contribution - none so far

dF pinged Jamie, on 18th Feb and again on 8th March, no response so far

4. Liaisons

ARIP TC, XLIFF TC, TBX Steering Committee,



6. Promotion

CFP for 5th FEISGILTT 2016, 7th XLIFF Symposium, 1st TMX Symposium 


Still open


C Wrap up

1. AOB

2. Summary of AIs assigned

3. Adjourn


A. Admin:

1. Roll call

dF: We have 7 voters out of 10 present. Lucia has sent regrets.

2. Approve meeting minutes from Feb 23

dF: I propose to approve the meeting minutes from 23rd Feb (https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff-omos/email/archives/201603/msg00000.html), does anyone second?

Chase: I second.

dF: Approved.

B. Material:

1. Technical Deliverables

dF: Patrik has started filling the wiki page.

Patrik: There’s only one example there so far (Yves’s), I will add our example as soon as we clarify some issues.

dF: Would be good to keep examples comparable by sticking to simple XLIFF. We also need to document assumptions; not listing defaults, but at the same time when representing unit everything from upper levels of XML should be instantiated etc. An assumption webpage on wiki would be useful.

Patrik: I will start as soon as I will have a clear understanding of assumption.

dF: You can use wiki or our mailing list to discuss unclear issues, let’s use the mailing list to run technical discussions. It has shown a good result from XLIFF TC.


Spec GIT Request

The postponed until admin report progress, the ticket has been reopened (https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/TCADMIN-2303).


JSON Serialization/ Approaches to OM

dF: Do we have news about Ryan with regards to the examples he was supposed to provide?

Patrik: He contacted me and we are working with him now on that.

dF: Please share it on the mailing list so everyone had opportunity to join.

Patrik: The biggest problem I see right now is that we’re trying to convert XLIFF to JSON. We should first specify a model and then ways to serialize based on that model. XML and JSON restrictions must be the next step.

dF: Actually making the assumption page would specify the abstract model.

Patrik: The abstract model is actually first thing we need. The model will specify objects and properties and then we can work on serialization. We’re doing it in the wrong direction.

dF: We can have a mapping page as was discussed in the last meeting; either abstract object model names, XLIFF element/attribute name or JSON element name. The abstract data model basically represents requirements for different types of data; core features are “must”, modules are “optional” and extensions are not only “optional”, but could be deleted if needed.

Patrik: A graphical representation, regardless of syntax, is the easiest way to show the model and the relations inside it.

Yves: I agree with Patrik; we first need an abstract model. Naming is not the main issue.

Chase: I also agree; we’ll save a lot of time starting with the model.

Patrik: We could start from making a diagram.

dF: A diagram is not specific; could be several types. Don’t we need syntax clarified before? But if you don’t have issue with this, please start it and share it on wiki or mailing list so we could discuss it.

Patrik: I will share it soon with you. I’ll post it on the mailing list.

dF: I’d be happy to stop the JSON work for now and start building the abstract model as it is consensus of the committee. We could also use complete names, like placeholder etc., as suggested by Ryan and Patrik.


Copyright Issues with Submission

This submission was made by me on be half of Alan (https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff-omos/email/archives/201602/msg00021.html). Just to remind, we cannot use it as we don’t have consent of owners. If needed, you must cite it. Patrik mentioned it is not completely related though.


TBX Mapping

dF: It is based on a published paper (https://www.localisation.ie/resources/publications/2015/260 ), we will work with Alan to make sure this paper will not have issues of the thesis.


 2. Assignment of editor roles for the technical deliverables

dF: Postponed till we have enough material on wiki.


3. TMX Contribution

dF: I contacted Jamie on 18th Feb and 8th Mar, but no answer so far.


4. Liaisons

dF: I mentioned that ARIP TC is working with a standard, ARML 2.0 (http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/arml2.0swg ), please have a look if interested, especially in internationalization and multilingualism.


5. Promotions

dF: Please join us in Dublin for the symposium. (http://locworld.com/feisgiltt2016-cfp/ ).


dF: We have covered all agenda items. Is there any other business?

dF: So, I will adjourn the meeting.


Action Items:

Kevin and Patrik to follow up with Ryan on new examples.

Patrik to post his proposed diagram of the abstract object model on wiki.

Owner: Dr. David Filip
Group: OASIS XLIFF Object Model and Other Serializations (XLIFF OMOS) TC
Sharing: This event is shared with the OASIS Open (General Membership), and General Public groups. Public Event Link

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PRODID:-//Kavi Corporation//NONSGML Kavi Groups//EN
SUMMARY:2nd Tuesday - Regular XLIFF OMOS TC telecenference (Conference Call)
DESCRIPTION:See the private action item for dial in details\n\nhttps://w
 on_item.php?action_item_id=3822\n\nAgenda: A Admin\n\n1. Rol
 lcall\n\n \n\n2. Approve meeting minutes from Feb 23\n\nhttp
 rchives/201603/msg00000.html\n\n \n\nB Material:\n\n1. techn
 ical deliverables\n\nwiki location: https://wiki.oasis-open.
 org/xliff-omos/\n\nPatrik started his wiki gardening..\n\nsp
 ec git request\n\nhttps://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/TCADM
 IN-2303\n\nTabled until progress reported by OASIS Admin\n\n
 a. JSON Serialization\n\nWorking list discussion? Wiki work?
 \n\nRyan did not provide a counter-example\n\nb. Approach to
  OM\n\nWorking list discussion? Wiki work?\n\nc. Copyright i
 ssues with submissions\n\nhttps://www.oasis-open.org/apps/or
 \nfair use only\n\nc. TBX Basic Mapping\n\nTabled until TC G
 it resolved\n\nHowever\, we need to make sure this is proper
 ly contributed to the TC\n\nhttps://www.localisation.ie/reso
 urces/publications/2015/260\n\n2. assignment of editor roles
  for the technical deliverables\n\nTabled until work done on
  wiki.\n\n3. update on TMX contribution - none so far\n\ndF 
 pinged Jamie\, on 18th Feb and again on 8th March\, no respo
 nse so far\n\n4. Liaisons\n\nARIP TC\, XLIFF TC\, TBX Steeri
 ng Committee\,\n\nhttp://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/gro
 ups/arml2.0swg\n\n \n\n6. Promotion\n\nCFP for 5th FEISGILTT
  2016\, 7th XLIFF Symposium\, 1st TMX Symposium \n\nhttp://l
 ocworld.com/feisgiltt2016-cfp/\n\nStill open\n\nhttps://www.
 cements\n\nC Wrap up\n\n1. AOB\n\n2. Summary of AIs assigned
 \n\n3. Adjourn\nGroup: OASIS XLIFF Object Model and Other Se
 rializations (XLIFF OMOS) TC\nCreator: Dr. David Filip

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