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xliff-omos message

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Subject: Very early alpha implementation for JSON representation

Hi all,

Based on the current diagrams and discussions, I've started to test out some early implementation of the JSON representation of the
XLIFF object model in the Okapi's toolkit for XLIFF. This may help testing out things as we continue to work on the object model. 

The latest version can be found here:

Lynx offers now a -x2j command that takes an XLIFF input file and creates a JSON output (same name + .json). For example: 

C:\>lynx -x2j myFile.xlf 

Creates a file named myFile.xlf.json

This way one can test the underlying code for each type of object.

For now the output doesn't necessarily exactly the same field names as the diagrams, and the data are stored as part of the inline
codes, but I hope to be able to update the code regularly to keep up and synchronize with the work we do.

A useful place to validate (and pretty-print) the JSON syntax of the result is a site like http://jsonlint.com 

I'll probably add a command to go from JSON to XLIFF later.


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