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Subject: Subunit naming and examples

Hi Robert & Phil,

I've pushed fixes to examples 2 and 3 to match the "text"-related changes to the schema contributed by Robert, so all 3 examples now validate.

At the same time, I was reviewing the naming changes (group->groups, unit->units, subunit->subunits) Robert had made and comparing them to what Phil had provided in his examples that he sent to the list on the 3rd.

It looks like in the changes to the schema, we have updated the schematic type name, but not the actual JSON key.  For example:

-        "unit": {
-          "type": "array",
-          "items": { "$ref": "#/definitions/unit" }
-        },
+        "group": { "$ref": "#/definitions/groups" },
+        "unit": { "$ref": "#/definitions/units" },

In other words, with the current schema the JLIFF would still look like this:

   "unit" : [ .... ] 

rather than 

  "units": [ .... ]

Phil is using the latter in his examples, and I think that was also the consensus on the list.

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