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Subject: GitHub wiki: access rights and working with tables

Hi all,

David was asking on today's call about how to create tables in the wiki.  As Felix suggested in the chat, you can use GitHub's Markdown syntax to do this.  More information can be found here:


Regarding wiki permissions, I can confirm that I don't have write access to the OM wiki.  (I do have access to the JLIFF wiki.)  I suspect that the repository has "Restrict edits to collaborators only" checked in the Settings page, which means that you can only edit the wiki if you have write access to the repository.  I would not change this setting, as doing so would (I think) allow any github user to edit the wiki.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a specific permission to grant wiki-only write access.  So for somebody to get access to edit the wiki, they will need to be added as a collaborator on the project with write/push access, which will also allow them to commit changes to the repository itself.  (However, these collaborators would not be able to modify project settings.  Only "admin" collaborators can do that.)

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