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Subject: RE: [xliff-omos] Content of source/target

Hi all,


One comment on the source/target language:


Ø  For source/target language, this goes back to our discussion on during the March 28 call regarding inheritance.  During that call David was expressing concern about the possibility of multiple source/target languages being expressed in a single unit, and was trying to think through the markup needed to prevent that.

Ø  I've always found this part of the XLIFF 2.0 spec weird, because although the format is clearly intended to be bilingual (Section 4: "XLIFF is a bilingual document format"), there is no language I'm aware of in the spec that prevents individual <target> elements inside a single <unit> from having different xml:lang values.  (This constraint does exist on the description of the <source> and <target> elements in the resource module in section 5, but not on the core elements!)


I believe the allowance is there for the matches, where <source> and <target> could be in languages different from the document’s source and target. For example, offering French Canadian matches when translating into French, or Simplified Chinese when going to Traditional, etc.


So any different xml;lang case should be occurring only in the Translation Candidates module.

I’m not sure this was a great choice to re-use the core <source> and <target> in that module, but that is what we have now.


I think the <source> and <target> element in the resources module are in a different namespace.




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