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Subject: Re: [xliff-omos] locQualityIssue id

Phil et al.

The JLIFF 2.1 schema in the GitHub repo is updated to include the id property on locQualityIssue.

Quoting David:

JLIFF the id should be on the wrapper array

This means we need an object that wraps the array. The object will contain the id property and an array property:

    "its_locQualityIssues": {
      "description": "A standoff wrapper element to group any number of single issue elements related to the same span of source or target content",
      "type": "object",
      "properties": {
        "id": { "$ref": "#/definitions/NMTOKEN" },
        "items": {
          "type": "array",
          "items": { "$ref": "#/definitions/its_locQualityIssue" },
          "minItems": 1
      "additionalProperties": false,
      "required": [ "items" ]

The property name for the the array âitemsâ is somewhat arbitrary. Any ideas for a better name?

- Robert

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On Nov 5, 2018, at 12:46 PM, Phil Ritchie <phil.ritchie@vistatec.com> wrote:

I think we need locQualityIssue to have an id property. Otherwise I see no way to reference an individual issue within an array of locQualityIssues when using standoff.

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