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Subject: [xliff-schemas] First conf call...

Hi guys,
Today I will organise a meeting for Wednesday at 4pm GMT.  Let me know immediately if that time suits. If we hold the meeting on Wed, it will be possible to do some follow up work before next Tuesday's xliff meeting.  Can you let me know about your availability on Thurs at 4pm and Fri at 4pm incase any can't make it.
Call details will follow.
I propose the following simple agenda for the first meeting.


1.  Adopt Charter - Agree on a charter for the sup group.
2.  Adopt Schema Dialect - Agree the dialect to be used for xliff specification.
3.  Adopt and Agenda - Agree a set of topics that this group will address.
AOB - Any other issues.

Pre Meeting Mail Discussion

The following is by way of generating some discussion on the issues to be finalised at the meetings.  I think it would be great if the conf calls were geared toward finally agreeing stuff we have discussed already via email.

1. Suggested Charter

The following is a suggested charter or mission statement, anyone agree / disagree?
"The purpose of the xliff-schemas group is to decide what schema dialect to use in defining the xLiff specification.  The group should also decide on the source format for the schema.  It is also the work of this group to produce the schemas for the specification as it evolve.
This group will make proposals on its work to the xliff technical committee for final approval."

2. Dialects

<David> My understanding is that the main TC has limited the scope of this subcom to working only on W3CSchema </David>
<Enda> I did not take this from the meetings we had.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is one of the main purpose of this sub group.  Should we deem another schema to be more suitable, or decide to publish the specification in a number of schemas, that should be our proposal to the main TC.</Enda>

3.  Work Agenda

Source format?
Producing Schema as specification evolves?
Other topics?

4. AOB

Thanks Christian for the mail on comparing schemas.  It made for interesting reading.


Best regards,



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