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Subject: [xliff-schemas] Updated minutes...

Hi guys,
Attached please find an updated doc containing the meeting minutes.
Thanks to Christian for the edits he made.
Also, I am unable to attend tomorrow's meeting, so Christian has agreed to give the main TC an update on our work based on the attached meeting minutes. 
Any progress made so far on the action items?

John Can MSD convert to XSD, RelaxNG, Schematron

EndaI am waiting for feedback from Oracle and Novell on the sample files.
Christian at todays meeting, "
Group seek clarification from main group on leaving attribute lists open, partially open (ie. with a list of pre-defined values to which people can add) or closed.  This has an impact on how we define the schema."
Yves, do we need to update our DTD? - Done, latest DTD at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xliff/documents/xliff.dtd 
David - Attempt to create an XSD from the updated DTD.?
Enda - Summarise to Main TC on work to date, I can't make it, Christian will update.
Specification-schema comparision?
Seed schema enhancement?
Create sample xliff file containing at least one of every specified element and attribute.?




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V2_Minutes 14Feb02.doc

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