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xliff-seg message

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Subject: TMX and SRX namespaces

Hi all,

One of my action items for tomorrow's meeting was to check whether TMX and
SRX could be used as namespaces inside another vocabulary. The answer is
(apparently): yes, but as a whole "sub-document". They both have namespace
identifiers and TMX has even a section illustrating the use of TMX inside
another format.

The reserve is that they would be used as a "whole". There was no effort
done currently to use bits and pieces of either format inside something
else. Not also that SRX has an XSD schema, while TMX does not (it has only a
DTD), so you would not be able to validate a file with TMX embeded (as far
as I know).


Note: As of May 1st, 'RWS Group' has become 'ENLASO Corporation'. Same email
address, web site,m etc. Juste the name has changed.

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