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Subject: Summary of proposal to cope with implicit XLIFF trans-unit problems


As part of my actions for Tuesday's meeting I need to summarize the requirements 
discussed to date regarding handling segmentation exceptions in the top level 

There are two types of instance implicit within XLIFF where a translator should 
be able to signal that there is a segmentation issue with trans-units:

1) The original text was badly authored or segmented. In these the translator 
should be able to put the full translation against the "head" or first 
trans-unit and signal by use of an attribute a "merged" value that the following 
trans-units have been translated against the head element. If we like it or not 
this type of situation does occur outside of any control that the translator has 
of the XLIFF file.

By not providing this mechanism we make effective translation of such an XLIFF 
file impossible.

2) The translated text is not an effective of the source trans-unit for 
leveraged memory purposes. This may be market specific data such as the address 
or contact details of a subsidiary, or it may come about due to field length 
limitations in the original document, where the source text for several fields 
that are rendered as trans-units within a fixed length limitation. In this last 
instance the translation may have been made with regard to fitting in the 
translation over the several fields and therefore the individual trans-units are 
not an equivalent literal translation. In this instance a "noequiv" attribute 
will be required against each trans-unit to indicate that the text should not be 
loaded into leveraged memory as it is not a direct equivalent.

By not providing such a mechanism we cannot prevent non-equivalent translations 
from being loaded into leveraged memory.

Both attribute values should be added to one of the existing trans-unit 
attributes or a new attribute such as "flag" should be created.

Best Regards,



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