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Subject: XLIFF Segmentation SC Regular Conference Call Minutes, 9 Nov2004

Here are the minutes followed by the open action items. Please let me
know if there are any mistakes I can correct before our next meeting.

XLIFF Segmentation SC Regular Conference Call 
Date:  Tuesday, 09 November 2004
Time:  08:00am - 09:00am Pacific Time

1. Roll call: 
    * Magnus, Andrezj, Eiju, Christian, John
    * Apologies: Tony, Yves

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    * Minutes unavailable. Last meeting minutes were of 28 Sep 2004
meeting. 12 Oct 2004 'Notes' available since quorum was not attained. No
minutes found for 26 Oct 2004 meeting.

3. Review open action items
    * Put in writing the three proposals for which we have apparently a
general consensus.
       Meeting: 28 Sep 2004
       Assignee: Andrzej
       Status: Done,
    * Submit examples implementations of various segmentation
approaches for the segmentation sample file.
       Meeting: 26 Oct 2004
       Assignee: Andrzej, Magnus, Tony
       Status: Open
       Assignee: Yves
       Status: Done,

4. Work in Progress
i) Discuss Andrzej's Proposal: 

    * Magnus had suggested: 
1) using "yes" and "no" for the proposed attribute values rather than
"true" and "false" since that is consistent with other boolean attribute
values within the XLIFF standard; Andrzej agreed; no disagreement was
2) use "equivalent-translation" rather than simply "equivalent";
Andrzej agreed, no disagreement was expressed. 
3) To include text warning of incompatibilities with proposal #3; there
was some discussion on this point. First it was suggested that Andrzej
add the following text to his 3rd paragraph under his #3 proposal, "In
addition, any intermediate files produced as a result of this process
are not guaranteed to conform to XLIFF standards as they may contain
namespace extensions. Nevertheless, the inputs and outputs XLIFF files
are fully conformant to the XLIFF standard." 
    * John questioned why the XLIFF TC would suggest the use of an
obvious XML compliant solution that does not conform to the XLIFF
standard since it would be noninterchangeable.
    * Christian was also unsure of the actual proposal.
    * Andrzej expressed his deep personal concern that the subcommittee
should keep this proposed solution.
    * Magnus suggested that he would attempt a rewrite of proposal #3
to clarify what is actually being proposed to the full XLIFF TC.

ii) Discuss segmentation sample file: 

and Yve's suggested implementation:

    * Because it was near the end of the meeting and Yves was not
present to discuss his proposal, this discussion was postponed to the
next meeting.

5. Any other business 
    * None

6. The meeting was adjourned.

Open Action Items:
    * Submit example implementations of various the approaches for the
segmentation sample file.
       Meeting: 26 Oct 2004
       Assignee: Andrzej, Magnus, Tony
       Status: Open
    * Rewrite Proposal #3 to clarify proposal and and in caveats
       Meeting: 9 Nov 2004
       Assignee: Magnus
       Status: Open

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