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Subject: RE: [xliff-users] XLS transformation for TTX-XLIFF ?

> ...The only problem I have is the handling of the .ini 
> file since the original is a non-processed and non-segmented TTX.

If it's a TTX file it probably means it went through the INI extraction already: in other
words, the TTX un-segmented has already the difference between structural and internal
tags. So I don't think you need any INI to work with it.

You can to use Rainbow's TTX filter:

Drop the un-segmented TTX in the input list,
Select Utilities > Translation Package Creation
Select Generic XLIFF for the type of package
In the Options tab, you can select an SRX file to pre-segment if you want.
Click OK

That should generate a package, in work folder you'll have the XLIFF file.

You can try to merge it back:

Drop the manifest.xml file of the package in Rainbow's input list
Select Utilities > Translation Package Post-Processing
Click Execute

You should get the TTX in the 'done' folder of the project.
That TTX should segmented like in the XLIFF and the target part should have whatever text
was in the XLIFF <target>. ...well hopefully.


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