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Subject: Using xliff 2.1 for translate5: Using xliff inline elements inside of Change Tracking Extension

Hi all,

we would like to use XLIFF 2.1 to reflect changes in the workflow
process of translate5.

For this we need to reflect the change history of each segment and thus
the change tracking extension of 2.1 would be the right choice.

Is there any reliable information, on how the upcoming change tracking
module for 2.2 would look like? We need to implement this in the next

If not, we would go for what is documented for xliff 2.1.

Yet, there is no information on how to handle inline markup of xliff
inside of the revisions.

Is there any information on this available

Thank you very much in advance


PS: This also could serve as a reference implementation, because
translate5 is under AGPL3 license

Marc Mittag
MittagQI - Quality Informatics

Konrad-Lorenz-Weg 10
D-72116 Mössingen
Tel.:   ++49 (0)7473/220202
Fax:    ++49 (0)7473/220211
mailto: Marc@MittagQI.com
Web:    www.MittagQI.com

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