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Subject: RE: [xliff] Minutes XLIFF Teleconference (22 Jan)

Hi all,

The xliff.org and xliff.com urls now redirect to


-----Original Message-----
From: Tony Jewtushenko [mailto:Tony.Jewtushenko@oracle.com]
Sent: 22 January 2002 21:28
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] Minutes XLIFF Teleconference (22 Jan)

Roll call: Ann Adams, Caroline Koff, Christian Lieske, David Leland, Ian
John Corrigan, John Reid, Jonathan Clark, Mark Levins, Mat Lovatt, Milan
Peter Reynolds, Reinhard Schaler, Tony Jewtushenko, Yves Savourel,
McGrath, Eric D. Friedman, Brian Briggs,  ABSENT but having previously sent
to participate in TC:  Enda McDonnald, Fiona Ebbs, Francois Richard, Mike
Ultan Obroin

Reviewed  OASIS TC process, IPR policy - Scott McGrath - OASIS-Open.Org

Motion to accept the charter as is made by John Reid,  seconded by Mark

Vote on standing rules for the TC.
a. Unanimously voted to allow OASIS members who are not TC members to
subscribe  to
the TC mail list.
b. Unanimous vote to allow vote by mail on case-by-case basis at discretion
c. Unanimous vote to change teleconference meeting notification lead time
from 30
days to 2 weeks,  in order to work in with the group's meeting schedule.
d. Unanimous vote to turn over ownership of www.xliff.org to OASIS XLIFF TC,
that site automatically redirects to the OASIS XLIFF Web site.

Volunteers and nominees were unanimously voted for the following people
    TC chair:  Tony Jewtushenko
    vice-chair:  Jonathan Clarke (role to include membership
    editor:   Yves Savourel
    secretary: Peter Reynolds
    webmaster - None required - will use OASIS webmaster initially.
    liaisons with other applicable standards groups or OASIS TCs:
            Yves Savourel,  RWS Group to liase with LISA
            David Leland suggested formal liason with with schema groups
(relax ng,
w3c xml schema, xml schema).
            After some discussion,  it was agreed not to establish formal
with any schema groups at this time.
            Reinhard Schaler will lead the "Compliance" subcommittee.
            Reinhard to draft a Charter for the "Compliance" subcommittee
publish before next meeting.

Submitted work discussed.

This spec will be posted to the OASIS XLIFF TC webpage as soon as possible.
A number of technical issues were raised by David Leland,  who will post the
questions to the private XLIFF mailing list by COB Jan 23rd,  2002.
Questions will
be answered or clarified by spec authors before the next TC meeting.
The contributed spec and DTD shall continue to be discussed and - if
vote to accept the work as Committee Spec shall take place at next next

Set future meeting schedule
    TC will meet Bi-weekly (Fortnightly) until future notice.
    Next meeting - Tuesday,  5 Feb 2002,  4:00PM London /Dublin time
instructions and agenda to follow)

Meeting adjourned - Motion made by John Reid,  seconded by David Leland.

Tony Jewtushenko    mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Product Manager     direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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