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Subject: [xliff] W3C i18n Workshop Summary

FYI: the papers as well as the results of the workshop are public and
visible at:

The decisions on which activity should be part of the new i18n group charter
will be made by the W3C in the next months. In summary, the following
activities are considered:

- Creation of guidelines for WWW internationalization, including
localization issues and working close to accessibility issues as well.

- Review of other W3C work for i18n issue (as it is done already).

- Localizability: work on possible creation of a standard namespace for
localization directives, as well as a standard way to describe localization
properties at the vocabulary level.

- Language and locale: setting WWW requirement for those aspects (including
how to carry such data through Web services) and working with other groups
in establishing a standard.

- Education and outreach: helping to grow the awarness of i18n issues and

All those are just the main ideas expressed. What will actually be put in
place may be different.


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