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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC February 5th. 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF TC February 5th. 2002

1/ Roll call
: John Corrigan, Ian Dunlop, Tony Jewtushenko, Christian Lieske, David Leland, John Reid, Mark Levins, Mat Lovatt, Milan Karasek, Peter Reynolds, Reinhard Schaler, Yves Savourel, Enda McDonnell, Ultan O'Broin 
Observers: Eric D. Friedman, 
Jamie Currmanaca
Apologies: Jonathan Clarke

2/ Discussion of submitted work.
Tony introduced a discussion on the draft specification which was submitted to the TC. There was a debate on whether to accept this specification as the committee specification or whether to have a consultation period. Concerns were raised about interoperability caused by the inclusion of the <prop> element. It was also felt that there could be backward compatibility issues. It was suggested that extending the debate on the draft specification would lengthen the time taken before it is published, considerable work had been done by those who submitted the specification and people within the localisation industry were already doing work with XLIFF.
A motion stating that the draft specification be accepted as the committee specification was proposed by John Reid and seconded by Reinhard Schaler. The vote was carried by 11 votes for the motion, 1 against and 1 abstention.
It was agreed that a decision on submitting this specification as an Oasis standard would be taken at a later stage.

3/ Sub-committees
It was agreed that all sub-committee will publish their agendas and minutes to the group mailing list and members of the TC will be allowed attend sub-committees.
Schema Sub-committee
A sub-committee to draft the XLIFF schema was established. The following agreed to join: David Leland, John Corrigan, Edna McDonnel, Yves Savourel, Eric Freeman and Christian Lieske. Enda will chair this sub-committee. This group will meet before the next meeting of the TC and will decide on its schedule.
Interoperability Sub-Committee
A sub-committee to look at issues relating to interoperability was established. The following agreed to join: John Reid, Marc Levins, Eric Freeman, Matt Lovett and John Corrigan.
Conformance Sub-committee
Reinhard has submitted a proposal to the TC for a Conformance sub-committee and this was agreed with the following joining: Reinhard Schaler, Enda McDonnell, Peter Reynolds, Tony Jewtushenko and John Reid. Reinhard is to chair this sub-committee.
Tony pointed out that Oasis does not have a mechanism for this and concerns were raised that there might be legal challenges from those who were judged not to have conformed.
It was agreed that a major part of this sub-committees work would be to decide on conformance and what it means to conform to the XLIFF standard.
As the meeting went below quorum at this point, it was agreed that the charter proposed by Reinhard would be discussed at the next meeting.

4/ Other organisation
Yves attended a W3C meeting which looked at Internationalisation issues. He has reported on this to the mailing list in a mail sent February 5th.
The LISA conference to be held in March have asked for participants from this group.

5/ The meeting was adjourned.
Next Meeting: February 19th. 2002


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