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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC February 19th. 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF TC February 19th. 2002
1/ Roll call
Present: Jonathan Clark, John Corrigan, Tony Jewtushenko,  Milan Karasek,
Caroline Koff, David Leland, Mark Levins, Christian Lieske, Peter Reynolds,
Reinhard Schaler, Yves Savourel, Eric D. Friedman, 
Apologies: John Reid, Enda McDonnell, David Ramsey
2/ Conformance Subcommittee charter
There was a discussion on the conformance subcommittee taking into account
the charter proposed by Reinhard and the comments on the minutes of the last
meeting from Karl Best. It was agreed that this subcommittee should be
independent of any Labs or other bodies who might carry out conformance
Reinhard and Tony to re-write the conformance charter to take this account
and Jonathan will review this.
3/ Schema Subcommittee
Christian reported back from this subcommittee.
They are writing a charter with the following aims:
	- To advice the main group on schema;
	- To propose the schema which will be published;
	- To maintain this schema.
The timeline for doing has not yet been decided on but this will be
discussed at their next meeting.
The schema group has decided that they would like to use XSD for the schema.
They also want to publish a DTD which will be secondary to and derived form
the schema.
The issue of whether recommended lists should be open or close was raised.
It was decided this should be decided on a case by case basis by the whole
group. Eric will provide a list of these for discussion.
4/ Other Bodies/ Interested people
Tony has had a conversation with Susan Funke, and industry analyst working
in the area of XML, Multilingual applications and content management. She is
addressing the next LISA conference and has expressed interest in talking to
some members of the group. Tony will liaise with her.
Tony raised the issue of the next LISA conference. Yves is attending the
OSCAR meeting and Jonathan has expressed interest to Tony about the
conference. Tony will talk to him.
5/ The meeting was adjourned.
Next Meeting: March 9th. 2002
Tony raised the possibility of a face to face meeting in May in Dublin after
the UNICODE conference. There was initial enthusiasm about this. Peter will
help Tony in organising this.

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