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Subject: [xliff] Schemas Sub-group minutes 28 Feb 02...

Meeting Minutes (28 Feb 02, 4pm GMT)


Christian Lieske, David Leland, Eric Friedman, Enda McDonnell


John Corrigan, Yves Savourel



This meeting centred around defining attribute lists.  The discussion revolved around whether the schemas group is chartered to make proposals on the actual xliff specification as distinct from publishing that specification.

The outcome is that the schema sub group will make a proposal to the main TC regarding attribute lists.  The proposal will be submitted to the main TC as a recommendation to be voted upon.

The proposal will be a single document including recommendations for every attribute list in the spec.  At a minimum, the following recommendations regarding each attribute list will be made…

These are significant issues and active participation in the discussion is encouraged within the schema group. The following were the types of points raised around this issue.

“Leaving lists open negates having a notion of complience”
“Can the specification be interoperable if lists are not closed?”
“The xml specification does not close all list values, but refers to external documents for its list values, eg.  xml:lang”

Considering these issues have wide reaching consequences, it is hoped that other TC members will take an active role in the xliff-schema discussion.  This discussion will be by email at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-schemas/ , so all have the chance contribute.  The schemas group has set itself the objective of completing this discussion over the coming two weeks.  A proposal will be made as soon as this discussion completes.  The starting document for this discussion is an email in the xliff-schema list with the subject ‘enumerated types’

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