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Subject: Re: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC March 5th. 2002


I think it's clear that anyone can propose changes.  As you point
out, I have been quite vocal -- and quite specific -- about the problems
in the existing spec, and it's only fair that the group would expect
me in particular to come up with specific proposals.

my 2 cents,

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, John Reid wrote:

> Peter,
> From your minutes it sounds as though only Eric can propose changes to
> the spec. That is not how I understood the vote to revise 1.0. Isn't any
> member allowed to make proposals? I don't recall limiting who nor what
> could be proposed. The only limitation I know of is that the proposal
> must be posted on the list as a proposal (not a complaint about what one
> believes is "wrong" with the spec) so that specific comments to that
> proposal can be made.
> I also take exception to the phrasing, "Problems with interoperability"
> since these are only _perceived_ problems. Suggestions to "correct"
> these introduce other serious problems that were discussed and rejected
> at one time (we did have the namespace and open/closed list discussions
> in the previous work).
> We are not correcting "problems," a few members do not like some things
> and want to change them. They are extremely vocal and refer to the spec
> as unworkable and -- what was it -- an 800 pound gorilla?  RWS Group,
> Alchemy, Pass Engineering,  opentag.com, and the Okapi Framework seem to
> refute this. There are even some of us producing and using XLIFF
> internally, with considerable success.
> This is not to say that there are no improvements to be made. That is
> why we formed this TC. However, we are a wishy-washy group to vote for
> Committee Specification one day and a month later cancel that vote. That
> is more detrimental to a standard than a few perceived problems.
> Regards,
> John
> >>> Peter Reynolds <Peter.Reynolds@Berlitz.ie> 3/6/02 2:35:14 AM >>>
> Minutes of the XLIFF TC March 5th. 2002
> 1/ Roll call
> Present: Jonathan Clark, Tony Jewtushenko, Milan Karasek, Caroline
> Koff,
> Mark Levins, Christian Lieske,, Enda McDonnell  John Reid, Peter
> Reynolds,
> Reinhard Schaler, Eric D. Friedman
> Observers: Brian Briggs
> Apologies: John Corrigan, Yves Savourel
> 2/ Conformance Subcommittee
> Reinhard had posted a new charter for the conformance subcommittee. It
> was
> proposed that we accept this and set up the subcommittee. This was
> passed
> unanimously. The following people have agreed to join this committee at
> the
> February 5th. meeting: Reinhard Schaler, Enda McDonnell, Peter
> Reynolds,
> Tony Jewtushenko and John Reid.
> 3/ Schema Subcommittee/ Discussion on Specification
> The discussion which started with the report back from the Schema
> subcommittee became a more general discussion on the specification with
> the
> proposal that work should be done to edit this, correcting issues which
> were
> highlighted.
> This discussion started with Enda reporting back on the Schema
> subcommittee's discussion about attribute list and whether recommended
> lists
> should be open or closed. This led to a more general discussion on the
> schema. Problems with interoperability were pointed out. Mechanism for
> solving these issues were discussed such as using namespaces. There was
> also
> a suggestion that some of the attributes could become elements allowing
> the
> value to be PCDATA rather than have an open list.
> The case was put forward for revising the specification and to come up
> with
> a 1.1 spec. It was pointed out that version 1.1 of the spec might not
> be
> compatible with version 1.0.
> A motion was put for ward stating that we wish to revise the 1.0
> specification prior to doing the subcommittee work. This was carried
> with 6
> votes in favour and 4 abstentions.
> It was also agreed that the work on the schema subcommittee would be
> suspended.
> Eric is to send a mail to the XLIFF list putting forward his thinking
> on
> these issues and we will have a discussion using the mailing list. We
> will
> also come up with example documents which will highlight practical
> issues.
> The deadline for agreeing which recommendations we will accept was set
> as
> May 1st. with the spec being decided at our face to face meeting in
> May.
> 4/ XLIFF Whitepaper
> This will be postponed until 1.1 spec is produced.  Given the 1.1
> revision
> initiative,  the existing 1.0 whitepaper (posted to Yahoo! egroup
> DataDefinition) will not be posted to the Oasis XLIFF TC website.
> 5/ Face to Face Meeting
> The proposed dates will be either 9/10 of May (week before LRC
> presentation)
> or a combination of two of the days in the week following the LRC.
> Tony J.
> to send out proposed dates and wait for feedback on attendees.
> 6/ New Business From Yves
>  "At some point I think it would be a good idea to have actual
> implementations for a XLIFF interface. An open-source and free
> implementation in, let's say, Java and C++ (and add a COM layer to the
> C++),
> so any developer could easily add support fro reading and writing
> document."   This proposal was originally discussed as part of XLIFF
> 1.0 as
> a goal for future (post 1.0) work,  but was postponed once TC proposal
> for
> OASIS was initiated.  Discussion points included concern that an
> opensource
> API and/or source code may require support,  and may have liability
> implications and release and ownership by the TC may be prohibited by
> - Tony J. to investigate and confirm.  After some discussion,  it was
> agreed
> to postpone discussion of this work until the larger architectural
> issues of
> XLIFF 1.1 are resolved.   This item will be added to the agenda for
> the
> Face-to-face meeting and if deemed appropriate,  deliverables will be
> scoped
> at that time.
> New Business from Jonathan:  Jonathan will be travelling to the Lisa
> conference next week,  and will therefore be able to participate (along
> with
> Yves) at XLIFF+LISA discussions and negotiations.  LISA & OASIS
> management,
> will extend special invitations to targetted LISA members to
> participate in
> XLIFF TC.  Yves will represent XLIFF TC at the Saturday meeting of
> (Jonathan is invited as well).
> 7/ Next meeting to take place Tuesday 4pm,  19 March 2002.  Contact
> details
> are the same as usual,  and will be sent in a reminder a day or two in
> advance of the meeting.
> Peter Reynolds, Software Development Manager, Berlitz GlobalNET
> 3, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
> Tel: +353-1-202-1280
> Fax: +353-1- 202-1299
> Web Site: http//www.berlitzglobalnet.com
> "Don't just translate it, BerlitzIT" http//www.berlitzIT.com
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