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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Minutes (2 April)

1/ Roll Call: 
Present:  Jonathan Clark, Milan Karasek,  David Leland, Christian Lieske, John Reid, John Corrigan, Tony Jewtushenko, Mark Levin, David Ramsey, Ian Dunlop, Enda McDonnell
Apologies: Yves Savourel, Reinhard Schaler, Peter Reynolds, Caroline Koff
2/Minutes of previous meeting were read,  and motion to accept was put forth by Mark Levin,  and seconded by John Reid.
3/Discussion of voting procedure change - should the TC move to a vote by mail rather than the role-call vote?  John Reid suggested that when important issues are put to a vote,  the vote should be conducted by email in order to ensure that significant matters are not decide by a bare quarum,  so as to reduce the influence of the pack,  and finally so that issues being voted on shall be more clearly defined since they shall be committed to written email.  David Leland suggested that in his experience,  conducting voting via email disconnects the individual from the experience of discussing the issue in a group setting,  thus potentially resulting in uninformed voting;  David also suggested that email voting ran counter to OASIS' and W3C's guidelines,  however Tony countered that OASIS specifically listed voting by email as an issue to be decided by each indiviidual TC  (NOTE From Tony J:  it has been confirmed separately that email voting is acceptable practice within OASIS but must be agreed to by the TC in advance - we will discuss at next meeting).  Other issues raised by John Corrigan Mark Levin were Q: How long would be given to submit the email vote?  A:  arbitrary,  at discretion of Chair,  but 1 week seemed like an acceptable timeframe;   Q.  To whom are the vote emails sent?  A:  To the Chair.  Q: If you don't attend the meeting where the vote is called,  can you still vote?  A:  There was some disagreement on this matter:  John Reid felt all members should be able to vote via email,  regardless of their attendance at the actual meeting,  while David Leland felt it was inappropriate to vote unless physically attending the meeting,  so as to prevent ininformed votes being cast ... John countered that only members in good standing could vote,  Jonathan indicated that no uninformed or disengaged memebers would be voting,  since membership in TC is automatically cancelled if absent from 3 meetings in a row.  David Leland also felt it would be difficult to track active,  valid membership in TC,  however,  Jonathan indicated that attendance records are kept without fail,  and membership is tracked from meeting to meeting.  The TC was also reminded that membership will be immediately forfeited following the 3rd sequential absence.  Q: Are the votes blind?  A:  yes,  unless the result is questioned.  A tally will be provided breaking down the result of the vote at the first meeting following the completion of voting -any member may request a precise vote audit,  requiring the Chair to publicly read out the email vote result via role call.  Q: Can any member put forth an item for vote?  A:  Yes,  preferably by one of two methods:  1/send email to Chair asking for item or issue to be put forth for a vote in the next available meeting agenda,  or 2/member may put forth the issue discussion and/or vote during the "New Business" segment of the meeting.
It is therefore decided that voting by email shall be done in special cases at the discretion of the Chair,  where the importance of the issue or topic deems it necessary to record the motion in succinct language,  and provide some time to the membship to think through their vote.  Members may request that any pending votes be administered via email.
4/Spec 1.1 progress:  Proposals are actively being solicited.  Tony J. reminded the TC memberhip that they have only until 1st of May,  2002 to submit their proposals to the xliff mailing list in order to be considered for XLIFF 1.1.
5/Face to face meeting plans:  It is confirmed that the face to face meeting will take place May 9 and 10,  2002 in Dublin,  Ireland,  at the Berlitz GlobalNET offices (exact address to be provided at a later time).  Agenda shall be drafted next week in an offline teleconference between Tony,  Jonathan and Peter.  Any TC members interested in participating in this meeting,  please contact the Chair (Tony Jewtushenko).
6/ Any new business.  None.
7/ Next meeting date/ time:  16 April 2002,  4pm Dublin / 11am EST / 8am PST

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