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Subject: [xliff] Possible additional optional attribute for helping word-count


Related to the topic of counting, there is one aspect where we could add an
attribute to help tool process the text more efficiently.

Currently when processing a <source> or a <target> element there is no way
to know how an inline code such as <bpt>, or <x/> should affect the word
breaking. While the majority of original codes are most likely not to be
seen as separator (.e.g. <b>...</b> in HTML) a few are word breaker (e.g.

It may be useful to have an additional optional attribute in <bpt>, <it>,
<ph>, <g/>, <x/>, <bx/>, and <ex/> to indicate whether the code should be
considered a word separator or not.

Something like word-break="yes|no" (or 'wb' to keep with the short name
tradition). The default would be "no". For example:

<source>Line one<ph id="1" wb="yes">\n</ph>Line two</source>


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