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Subject: [xliff] 1.1 proposal


Attached please find a proposal for the XLIFF 1.1 initiative.  My colleague
and collaborator, Colin Meldrum, will join us on the conference call this
Tuesday if there's a chance that discussing some of this work can make it
onto the agenda.  Otherwise, we'll phone in for the face-to-face.

There are still open issues that we've marked in annotation sections in the
xliff.xsd file with the text OPEN ISSUE.  We've included tool-generated HTML
for the *.xsd files -- the open issues are shown there too.  Wherever
possible, we borrowed extensively from the 1.0 specification for
documentation, of course.

The top-level directory in the attached .zip file has an HTML document that
gives a brief overview of our proposal.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to
exhaustively catalog every decision in that document, so we'll plan to do so
as needed in the conference calls.  The rest of the zip consists of Schema
files, sample documents, and HTML documentation that may make navigating
your way(s) through the schema easier.

One detail -- we decided to be very aggressive with regard to closing
enumerated lists.  However, the schema is far from final in this regard.
We're counting on members of the TC to either augment these or weigh in with
reasons why a list must be opened.

Best regards,

P.S.  I will be out of the office on Friday and Monday, so please do not
infer a lack of interest to any comments on the mailing list. <smile>

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