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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Details & Agenda (30 Apr)

Dial-in Instructions:
When: Tues, Apr 30 2002, 04:00PM Europe/London/Dublin  / 08:00 AM PST
UK National Dial-In:      0870 550 3090
International Dial-In:   +44 118 924 0290
Meeting ID: 30543


1/ Roll Call (Peter Reynolds)
2/ Review of minutes of previous meeting & motion to accept or revise (Peter Reynolds)
3/ Spec 1.1 progress  (Tony)

Discussion of work submitted to date.
Propose a separate teleconference to review Eric's Friedman's proposal before the Face to Face.
2 days left to submit proposals...close of business (PST) May 1 is the deadline for submissions.
4/ Face to face meeting agenda & plans (Tony/ Peter / Jonathan)
Confirmation of intended attendance.
Discussion of teleconference procedures / guidelines.
Review of proposed agenda,  goals and schedule.
Group activities.
5/ OASIS Intellectual Property Issue
IBM has submitted a patent claim on work submitted to ebXML. This action affects our TC since we have submitted work,  thus we must now post an explicit Intellectual Property Rights statement explicitly listing origin of all derived or submitted work (XLIFF 1.0).    We'll discuss known specific IPR issues relating to contributions to XLIFF 1.0.
6/ OASIS Web page suggestions
OASIS is reviewing their web site design, and they are soliciting feedback from all TC's as to what -if anything - should be modified.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.
7/ Any new business (Tony)
8/ Confirm next meeting date/time (Tony)

Tony Jewtushenko    mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Sr. Tools Program Manager   direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Product Management - Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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