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Subject: RE: [xliff] Segmentation

Yes, absolutely. </seg> is a mistake.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mirek Driml [mailto:MirekD@moravia-it.com]
Sent: Wed, June 12, 2002 1:05 AM
To: 'ysavourel@translate.com'; XLIFF list
Subject: RE: [xliff] Segmentation

Hi Yves,

This is just to clarify one unclearness - the closing tag in the example
should be likely </mrk>, not </seg> because <seg> element is not predefined
and you talked about the attribute value.


-----Original Message-----
From: Yves Savourel [mailto:ysavourel@translate.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 12:21 AM
To: XLIFF list
Subject: [xliff] Segmentation

Hi everone,

To follow up on the segmnentation discussion: Here are some example of how
segmentation could be marked up in an item.

<trans-unit id="1">
 <source xml:lang="en"><mrk mtype="seg">Sentence 1. </mrk><mrk
mtype="seg">Sentence 2.</seg></source>

The mtype value 'seg' is not pre-defined (but it could be).

A different mechanism would be to mark the break rather than the span:

<source xml:lang="en">Sentence 1. <mrk type="seg/>Sentence 2.</source>

Obviously in this case a special empty element would vbe better than <mrk>.

There are some problems. Mostly mostly that the fact the trans-unit
attributes apply to the whole content of <source> not parts of it. So for
example a resname (possible unique ID) would apply to several segments.
Keeping track of the segments within the sentence would be needed (so we
would need additional attributes in <mrk>, or make a special element for the

That goes along with the match between the main <source> and the different
<alt-trans> sources: how can we insure the sentence match? Since the data
may come from different tools the segmentation may be different in the main
<source> and inb the <source> of <alt-trans>.

But at the same time, it's a nice way to have a 'paragraph-level' unit and
be able to tell the translation tool how to break the content. Enforcing a
specific segmentation would very useful, but it would have to be supported
by the translation workbenches.


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