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Subject: [xliff] Some example

Hi everyone,

To follow up on our discussion about extensibility: Here are some examples
for element and attribute extensibility using namespace (the replacement for
<prop> and ts). We will have to make some decisions:
- how many non-XLIFF elements we want to allow at each extension point?
- any specific namespaces?
- type of validation?

The xliff.xsd file included is based on 1.0 with a few of the 1.1 proposed
modifications, it also allows non-XLIFF element in <group> and non-XLIFF
attribute in <file>. But there are many other things to fix to make this XSD
cleaner, I think there are even some definition missing.
But it should work with basic samples. I'll keep working on it.

Note that all these examples pass with XMLSpy, but the last one doesn't pass
with MSXML (see the JS script to run a validation with MSXML), I'm not sure
why since the error message (xliff element not declared in the schema) seems
not quite correct. (idea anyone?)

I'll try to make some examples of any method I can come up with for the
[attribute value extensibility] and [externalization of the attribute
values]. The last one shouldn't be too difficult: it's basically the
definition of a type library.

Double-checking of any of those example/etc. would be very welcome.


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