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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF Technical Committee - June 25th. 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF Technical Committee - June 25th. 2002 

1/ Roll Call
Present: Jonathan Clark, Tony Jewtushenko, Christian Lieske, Mark Levins,
Matt Lovatt, John Reid, Peter Reynolds, Yves Saourel, Reinhard Schaler,
Gérard Cattin des Bois, Mirek Driml.
Apologies: John Corrigan, Enda McDonnell 
Observer: David Pooley

2/ Minutes of previous meeting were agreed. Matt has been discussing the
issue of reformat attribute with developers at Oracle and will consolidate
the responses he has received and forward them to the TC.

3/ Quorum - It was agreed that if we adhered to the existing rules on the
quorum this is unlikely to be a problem. Members who have not attended 3
consecutive meetings will be informed that they have no longer got voting
rights although they are very welcome to re-join at any stage. We will also
not include members who are on a leave of absence in the calculations
concerning the quorum. Tony will contact members who have not attended the
last three meetings and Jonathan will remove them and those who have left
from the membership list on the Web site. Mirek will be added to this list.

4/ Spec 1.1
Formal Extensibility
Tony went through the document on Formal Extensibility prepared by Yves. 
There was a discussion about the bullet points in the section called Meeting

The following proposal was proposed by Mark and seconded by Matt and agreed
'The <prop> element and the <prop-group> element would be deprecated and
replaced with namespaces at suitable extension points'. 
Matt raised an issues about finding suitable alternatives for when the
<prop> element had been used.

The meeting agreed unanimously the following definition of deprecation which
was proposed by Christian and seconded by Mark.
'Deprecation means that use of this element or attribute is not recommended,
it will be supported in the short term but is unlikely to supported in the
next full number release.'

It was agreed after some discussion that we were not deprecating the
<context> at present.

The following proposal was proposed by Yves and seconded by Mark and agreed
'The ts attribute would be deprecated and replaced with namespaces at
suitable extension points.'

The meeting discussed the attribute extensibility and Yves volunteered to
send a mail with some ideas on this.

There was also a request for anyone who could find a way of externalizing
closed lists to share this with the group.

5/ AOB
It was proposed that there should be a meeting of Tony, Jonathan, Yves and
Peter to look at how we can get through the spec 1.1 work with the time
scale we have set for this. Tony will organize this meeting for next Tuesday
at 4PM / 11 AM 

6/ Next meeting July 9th. 4PM / 11 AM 

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