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Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Details & Agenda - Tuesday,9 June 2002

> 5/LISA European Conference: scheduled for 4-7 November, 2002
> (see -> http://www.lisa.org/2002/LISA_heidelberg_2002.pdf)
> Theme is "Standards in Localisation" - right up our alley.
> Our TC should have some visibility at this summit.
> Volunteers for Speakers?  Panelists? Submissions of Papers?

Just a few additional info about the LISA forum in Heidelberg:

Deadline for draft presentation descriptions are AUGUST 15. (The earliest
the better, so they can coordinate).
Final/Full presentation description is due SEPTEMBER 15.
Final presentation slides are due OCTOBER 4.

The presentation descriptions are: a title and 35-50 word description. LISA
will also need a bio of the presenter (and a photo), and a brief company bio
as well.

Plenary presentations are about 15/20mn + 10mn for Q&A.
Workshop sessions are about 60 to 75mn (ys note: this seems long, need to be

That's all

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