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Subject: RE: [xliff] Tool Element proposal

Hi everyone,

Here are some notes on John's proposal for a <tool> element:

> Add a tool element as a child of <header>.
> <header>
>  <tool id='acme-killerapp-1' name='Killer App' version='1.0'
>   company='ACME L10n'/>
>   ...
> </header>

Shouldn't the id attribute be called name? Id is used by trans-unit and its
semantic is different. Name is used by <count-group> and <context-group> to
be refered to by other elements (the same mechanism as described in this
proposal, it seems).

Currently version is defined as the version for the <xliff> element. Should
we use another name? Also 'tool' is an attribute name. Using version (or
<tool>) go against our 1.0 naming convention rule number 5: "Elements and
attributes should not have the same name, even attributes of different

I've never been very warm about that rule which gives us mtype, ctype and
type to indicate a 'type' in different elements. But it's a current rule...
By the way, we should at least re-write it: "Elements and attributes should
not have the same name, including attributes of different elements if they
have a different semantic."

> Other elements can be added as children to this element which
> could give information about how they count, leverage, etc. as
> those elements are defined.

I suppose that would make the content of <tool> an extension point. Or would
we want some of the data there to be interoperable?

> The tool-id attribute could then replace the tool attribute in
> those places it is defined: <file> (this is a bit messy), <phase>,
> and <alt-trans>.

I would suggest to call it tool-name for consistancy reasons listed above.

So tool would be deprecated I suppose?


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