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Subject: [xliff] Attribute Values and Extensibility

Hi everyone,

To follow up on the last conference call:

== Attribute Values:

We've decided it was a good time to see if we could gather as much as
possible data for the standard values we would like to define. The current
lists are far from complete. Everyone is encouraged to give a list of values
for all those attributes: count-type, unit, datatype, restype, size-unit,
context-type, ctype, mtype, and state. Group your suggestions by attribute
and make sure you have a definition with each value, with some example if

== Attribute and Element Extensibility:

Attached is an example of XLIFF document with user-defined attributes and
elements, and the corresponding schema. The zip file also includes the
latest schemas for XLIFF core and attribute lists.

The XSD file with the attribute value lists has a corresponding XSL
stylesheet so if you open the file in a browser it should give you a more
friendly display. It's not finished yet, but it should already help. The
entries with a yellow note are only proposed entries.

Note that all files validate separately, but for some reason the Example.xlf
make my copy of XMLSpy crash. I cannot see where the problem is. If someone
can figured out...

== Extensibility of Attribute Values:

Christian offered a possible solution (see
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200207/msg00026.html). I've tried
to make an example using our XSDs, but can't seem to be able to have XMLSpy
to work properly to verify it conclusively (for now).



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