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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Minutes - Tuesday, 17 Sept 2002

1/Roll Call (Tony Jewtushenko)
- Attendance: Christian Lieske, Tony Jewtushenko, Mat Lovatt, 
  John Reid, Yves Savourel, Mirek Driml, David Pooley,  
  Gérard Cattin des Bois
- Apologies:  John Corrigan, Enda McDonnell,  Jonathan Clark, 
  Mark Levins, Peter Reynolds
- Observer: Bryan Schnabel

2/Call for volunteer to take minutes in Peter's absence
- John Reid

3/Review of minutes 
  (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200209/msg00004.html) of
  previous meeting & motion to accept or revise (Tony Jewtushenko)
- Tony pointed out that the date of the minutes was August 6th but
should have been September 7th. 
- With the above change, the minutes were accepted.

4/LISA Heidelberg Conference (moved over from last meeting)
4.A. Update from Gerard re:  LISA's interest in XLIFF's Face to Face.
4.B. Update from Christian on Heidelberg videoconf faclilites.
- SAP can set it up in Heidelberg. Christian pointed out that more than
4 fields would be impractical. 
- Gérard may attend but does not know yet.
- Oracle is willing to set it up in for all in Dublin
- Those in the US are too spread for a central location. If all join as
videoconferencing, it would be more than 4. 
- John R indicated if not video, he would call in.
- The time needs to be finalized. Bryan & Gérard are in Pacific
- No decision made

4.C. Review & comments on "Introduction to XLIFF" presentation to be 
             delivered by Christian & Yves.
- This has been made available. Please get your comments to Yves and
- No decision made.

5/XLIFF at LRC eContent Localiation -  Conference and Industry
   2-13 November 2002,  Dublin
5.A. URL: http://lrc.csis.ul.ie/learning/conferences/2002/index.htm 
5.B.  participation,  presentation plans
- Tony will be in attendence. David Pooley may be there as well.
- Tony is willing to do a presentation.
- No decision made.

6/XLIFF 1.1 Work in Progress:
6.A. Naming Conventions section in the published specification - do we
         it?  Debate & quick vote.
- After discussing whether to remove the section entirely, move it to
an appendix, or create a separate Guideline document of it, it was
decided to move it to an appendix and call it "Naming Guidelines." 
- There was no dissent to the decision

6.B. Formal Extensibility - Owner Yves -
6.B.1. Issues (per Yves's mail)
- Yves addressed each of the following items (6.B.1.a. - 6.B.1.c.)

6.B.1.a. XMLSpy doesn't validate correctly attributes in
          element where you can have attributes from other
          namespace (i.e. doesn't flag errors). So for
          example, testing attribute in <trans-unit> is not
          working, but testing in <context> does, because
          <context> doesn't allow extra attributes.
- Validation does not work in XMLSpy. These techniques may not yet be
supported well in the tools.
- No decision

6.B.1.b.Current list of pre-defined attributes by opening
          xliff-values-1-1.xsd in a browser: the style sheet
          will display the values in a more frendly way. Read
          the notes in yellow and the places where there is
          '???' (they are unresolved issues).
- Tony wanted to get this finalized.
- Yves and John pointed out that Formal Extensibility and the list of
values can be decided separately, which was acceptable.
- Cut off date for submitting values to Yves: 7 Oct. 2002

6.B.1.c.Method of extending values - although it presently
          works this way, but I hope we can but I hope we can
          find a better mechanism. Maybe some help from SD
          specialist is needed.
- Problems with this were pointed out by Yves and Christian. 
- Christian's union approach is intended to avoid some of the
- Christian and Yves are to work out another approach and submit
examples to the group by week's end (20 Sep). 
- Comments on the new proposal through the following week to end 27

6.B.2. Christian's attribute & element extensibility proposal
(http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200207/msg00035.html) &
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200207/msg00037.html &
- see discussion fo 6.B.1., above.

6.B.3. Attribute Values & further follow up -
- see discussion fo 6.B.1., above.

6.C. Embedded XLIFF -  Owner  Yves
        Localization Directives:
- Yves still needs to work out some issues
- No decision

6.D. Working Draft
- No decision

7/Any New Business
- John brought up context-group/context as candidates for extension,
similar to prop-group/prop.
- He will write up a proposal.

8/Next meeting 
- Tues, 1 Oct 2002, 04:00PM Europe/London/Dublin  / 08:00 AM PST

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