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Subject: RE: [xliff] Presentation

Slide #9 
Another Advantage for tools vendor - providing support for xliff opens up all the formats that can be converted to xliff
[YS] ok. 
Slide #17
I would steer clear of the <alt-trans> being used for different languages.  Let's make the clear statement, that xliff 1.1 is bi-lingual, not multi-lingual. (People can go and (ab)use it as they wish, but lets not confuse people by mentioning this.
[YS] Mumm...  You may be right. Any opinion Christian? 
Slide #19
Looks complicated for an introduction, I would reduce it to something like...
<trans-unit id='ID_CANCEL'>
 <source xml:lang='en'>Cancel</source>
 <target xml:lang='fr'>Annuler</target>
[YS] Ok. (but it needs and id too (required) :-)
Slide #20,21,22
I feel three pages is too much info here for the 'Introduction', one page would be loads.  I think it would suffice to say that inline tags are supported to ensure that formatting type information that may change during localisation e.g. <bold>  is well provided for in xliff.  There are a number of ways to do this, similar to the TMX and OpenTag constructs.  Here is an example
Source :
The <b>fat</b> cat sleeps soundly
xliff Represention:
<trans-unit id='121'>
 <source>The <g id="1">fat</g> cat sleeps soundly</source>
 <target>Elle dort bien, la <g id="1">grande</g> chat</target>
[YS] I think <mrk> should be there because it addresses questions I often get about inline codes. But maybe 20 and 21 can be grouped. Any preference Christian? 
Slide #24
Graphical represention to indicate the hierarchy that can be stored in xliff
The attached bitmap may help illustrate an example of a hierarchical relationship 
[YS] I like it. 
Slide #38, #39
I would exagerate the before situation and make the xliff based system look simpler.  I can work on this graphic if you wish
[YS] If you have time sure. I like the basic ideas John's graphic outlined, but I'm not sure how to make it simpler for XLIFF (for a general case).
I would also give an example of a style sheet presenting xliff in tabular format for #39, do you want me to do that?
[YS] By all means, it may be good to have for a quick demo with #40.

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