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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC October 15th, 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF TC October 15th, 2002

1/ Attendance: Jonathan Clark, Tony Jewtushenko, Mark Levins, Christian Lieske, Mat Lovatt, Enda McDonnell, John Reid, Peter Reynolds, Yves Savourel, David Pooley,  Bryan Schnabal.
Apologies: John Corrigan
Observer: Shigemichi Yazawa

2/ Tony welcomed Shigemichi to the meeting. Shigemichi works for GlobalSight which provides a Globalisation Management System.

3/ Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed. John proposed them as a correct record and Matt seconded this.

4/ Work in progress
Embedded XLIFF - Localisation directives
Enda had tried to using localisation directives and described it as cumbersome with too many directives. He also pointed out some of the other problems such as how do you specify an attribute is to be localised.
Christian pointed out the value of localisation directives giving the example of Java properties file. This start a discussion about using this with non XML files.
There was a discussion about whether or not it was possible to include this with version 1.1.
It was suggested that a start an email thread about using localisation directives.

We agreed that we would have a special meeting next Tuesday devoted to Embedded XLIFF. It was agreed that the first item on the agenda was whether localisation directives should be de-coupled from the 1.1 discussion. We will also decided that Embedded XLIFF not including localisation directives will be discussed prior to the localisation directives.
It was also agreed that we move to weekly meetings until we had completed 1.1. These extra meetings will be classed as a working group.

Formal Extensibility
John will send the group a spread-sheet with a list of restype values. He will try and expand this to other data types. Matt will try and group these.

Working draft
Yves has sent a working draft to the TC which should be reviewed next Tuesday.

Tool element
John outlined the current suggestions with this element.
All names of attributes used by the tool element will be changed so that they are pre-fixed by"tool-" as in "tool-name".
The existing tool attributes will be deprecated.
Extension points will be allowed within the tool element.
tool-id will be used as the reference to tool.
These were all agreed by the TC.

5/ Lisa Conference
It was suggested that Yves and Christian's presentation should be put on our Web site.

6/ LRC Conference
Tony and Peter will address this.

6/ Next Meeting
Tuesday October 22nd. usual time.


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Bowne Global Solutions, formerly Berlitz GlobalNET
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Fax: +353-1- 202-1299
Web Site:  http//www.bowneglobal.com
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