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Subject: [xliff] Family Emergency

All: My father passed away earlier today following a lengthy illness,  so I'm catching the first flight to Tampa,  FL tomorow in order to attend to family matters over the next 10 day or so.  This means that I'll be unable to attend the face to face on the 4th,  as well as the next XLIFF teleconference.  Jonathan - can you please step in as acting chair for these events?  I f not possible,  then please Peter and Yves work out the details of how to run the meetings between yourselves   I'll work with Mat to see if it's still feasible for the video conference to procede as planned.

I'm due to be back in the office on Tuesday,  5 November 2002.  I can be reached at my mobile phone (Peter Reynolds has the number,  as does Mat),  and I may be checking email from time to time,  but not guaranteed.

Regards and apologies for my unexpected absence,


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