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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC October 29th, 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF TC October 29th, 2002

1. Attendance:  Christian Lieske, Mat Lovatt, Enda McDonnell, John Reid, Peter Reynolds, Yves Savourel, Mirek Driml, Bryan Schnabal.
Apologies: Jonathan Clark, Tony Jewtushenko, John Corrigan
Observer: Shigemichi Yazawa

2/ The TC passed a vote of sympathy to Tony whose father has recently died.

3/ Customization/ Extensions of Attribute values in XLIFF

Christian introduced this topic which allow for a validation mechanism for XLIFF which have been customized. See http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200210/msg00041.html for more details. There was a debate on the two proposed alternatives for schema. The original one from Yves which uses the 'union' mechanism and the new proposal from Christian which uses the 'redefine' mechanism. The argument in favor of the 'redefine' mechanism is that it provides a way of validating customized values and is more flexible, The argument for the 'union' mechanism is that it is simple and more easily implemented.
Shigemichi proposed a third alternative where there is a list of allowed values and any value that starts with 'x-' is also allowed. This would be validated by use of patterns.
It was agreed that we would decide on the this at the face to face meeting and that all members of the TC should investigate this prior to then.

4/ Other work in progress 
There are a number of issues such as identifier being required in placeholders, the reformat element and segmentation which members suggested were not fully resolved.

It was agreed that anyone who had an open issue they would mail the TC with the issue and their opinions before Friday. If the issue was not raised in this way it would not be discussed at the face to face meeting.

5/ Face to Face meeting
This takes place on Monday at 5 PM CET/ 4 PM GMT/ 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST
Members of the TC are meeting in SAP office in Heidelberg and the Oracle office in Dublin and joining by phone. Christian has organized a video conference.

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