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Subject: [xliff] Unfinished business from xliff-comments

I have copied text from doug@ektron.com xliff-comments:

1. xliff-1-1.xsd has invalid attributes minOccurs,maxOccurs in <xs:choice>

The xliff-1-1.xsd XML schema assigns minOccurs and maxOccurs to the <choice>
element, but they are not allowed in that context.

XPath: xliff-1-1.xsd#/schema[1]/group[position() = 1 and @name =

	<!-- Groups -->
	<xsd:group name="ElemGroup_TextContent">
		<xsd:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">

Those attributes need to be specified everywhere that ElemGroup_TextContent
is referenced.

Example:	<xsd:group ref="xlf:ElemGroup_TextContent" minOccurs="0"

O'Reilly's "XML Schema", "xs:choice (within a group)", p. 250

Error seen with Microsoft's XSD 4.0 parser, but not XML Spy 4.4.
2. placeholder id should not be required

XLIFF id attributes for placeholders should not be required.

For example, when a placeholder represents a line break, there is no need
for an id.

<x ctype="lb" />
<ph ctype="lb">\n</ph>

The ctype attribute provides all the information needed.

I think the 'id' should be optional for placeholders.

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