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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF TC face to face meeting November 4th 2002

XLIFF TC face to face meeting November 4th 2002


1/ Attendance: Christian, Yves, Dave,  Mark, Enda, Mat, Peter, Jonathan, John Reid, Gerard, Shigemichi.


Also attended: Patrick Gannon


2/ Patrick Gannon's Lisa presentation and Oasis and our role within it.

Patrick presented the survey on globalisation and use of technologies such as XML and Web Services. This presentation has been sent to the XLIFF list by Jonathan.

A number of issues were raised after Patrick's presentation. He asked the question how Oasis can help promote XLIFF. Suggestions included making use of the Oasis marketing department who could distribute whitepapers etc. There was also the suggestions that we could perhaps work with other groups in different industries.


Jonathan to inform Carol of the status of the XLIFF DTD on the web site.


3/ Work in progress


Reformat element - There was a discussion on the reformat element originally suggested by Mat. It was suggested that this could be done with the default at the body element which was usually set to 'no' and this could be over-written at lower levels such as group or trans-unit element.

It was suggested that we all need to play with this some more and look at how it might work in practise.

The suggestion was that it would be possible to have default at the body element which was over-written lower down in the hierarchy at for example the group element which in turn could be over-written lower in the hierarchy at an element such as the trans-unit element.

It was suggested that until we talk about Localisation Directives we will not include this attribute and if anyone needs this they use their own namespace


Dave proposed and Mat seconded a motion that stated the reformat element would be removed from this version of the spec and discussed immediately after. This was agreed unanimously.


Phase in Alt-Trans

Yves started off the discussion by pointing out that we had no naming convention for phase-name. With the alt-trans element there are three very different ways these are used. These are for different suggestion from aTM, to deal with the evolution of translation during the translation process and to deal with rejected translation. There was no way of distinguishing these elements.

It was agreed that we look at phase-name attribute in relation to this.



Placeholder and inline elements - id

John proposed that the id attribute of the g  x  and the placeholder element be made optional. This was seconded by Dave.  This was agreed unanimously.

It was also suggested that we included a note in the spec stating that if someone was introducing an inline element after the XLIFF had been created you should make sure it is a globally unique id if introducing an id.


Customisation/ Extensions of Attributes value in XLIFF

 This will be dealt with at our next meeting.


Spec Review

Everyone needs to read the spec to ensure that there are no issues with it.


4/ Next Meeting

Next meeting November 19th . The first item on the agenda will be to decide what is part of the version 1.1 spec and what is not.



 Peter Reynolds, Software Development Manager
Bowne Global Solutions, formerly Berlitz GlobalNET
3, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353-1-202-1280
Fax: +353-1- 202-1299
Web Site: http//www.bowneglobal.com


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