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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Minutes - Tuesday, 3 Dec 2002

1) Roll Call
Present: Mark Levins, David Pooley, Jonathan Clarke, John Reid, Mirek Driml, Shigemichi Yazawa, Enda McDonnell, Bryan Schnabel, Christian Lieske, Gerard Cattin des Bois, Tony Jewtushenko, Matt Lovatt

Absent: John Corrigan, Ian Dunlop, Reinhard Schaler, Peter Reynolds

2) Review of remaining outstanding issues
Issue 1(of Tony's emailed document) - Extending attribute values
Christian explained the summary and the available options and outlined the problems of both the redefine and union approaches. Discussion continued on using the "x-..." approach and how to ensure uniqueness between XLIFF sources. Due to prolonged discussion this item was deferred.

Issue 5 (keeping discussion order) - "Zero,  One or More" Language
After a vote it was unanimously agreed that this issue is at the discretion of the specification editor and to leave spec unchanged.

Issue 4 - Phase names in Alt Trans
Mirek pointed out that there were discrepancies between his proposal and what was tabled for discussion. Mirek will clarify this for discussion at the next meeting.
Yves observation regarding phase names was then deemed to be separate item for discussion and a topic for the next meeting. John Reid agreed to further Yves' suggestion and prepare a proposal for voting at the next meeting.

Issue 3 - New elements "default" and "defaults"
Christian explained summary sent by Tony.
It was generally agreed that XPath was not an acceptable means to fulfilling default specification of attribute values.
John Reid proposed that defaultable attributes could be moved to <group>.
Mark Levins suggested that a <default> could be created with all of the defaultable attributes optional to this element, though its placement within an XLIFF document is at issue. Mark also suggested that <context>s could be used for indicating default values.
Christian is to refine the proposal and available options for discussion at the next meeting, including which attributes can/should be defaulted.

Issue 2 - Context Group
Removal of PIs reference and addition of optional 'purpose' attribute to <context-group> and <context> voted on, agreed and deemed closed.
Tony will create a new issue for the next meeting for recommended values for 'purpose' attribute.
John Reid will expand on current suggested values for 'purpose' to generate a list for the next meeting, which will be voted upon.

Issue 6 - reformat Element revisited
Matt summarized request for new 1.1 approach to reformatting
After much debate which included proposals from deferring until the next release, to the creation of new dedicated elements for existing attributes that are modifiable during translation, discussion was forced to end due to time overrun.
Matt will put together a concrete proposal for discussion at next week's meeting.

New Issue from John Reid - phase as an attribute of <count>
John will flesh this issue out for discussion at the next meeting

3) Schedule of remaining work
Tony is aiming to have completion of outstanding issues before Christmas, (two meetings). Plan is have 1.1 spec ready for final voting then.
Tony also requested more email activity/discussion prior to meetings to try to shorten debate at meetings and requested that discussion items for the next meeting be available by Thursday to allow everyone to read up and prepare for the meeting.

4) AOB
Mark raised work of Free Standards Group Open Internationalization Initiative's Common XML Locale Announcement for discussion. This will be brought up at the next meeting after the team has read the announcement for discussion wrt relevance to XLIFF. Mark to forward announcement email.

5) Next meeting
Tuesday 10th December at changed time of 5.30 p.m. / 9.30 a.m.

Mark Levins
IBM Software Group | Dublin Software Laboratory | Airways Industrial Estate | Cloghran | Dublin 17 | Ireland
Phone: +353 1 7046676 | IBM Tie Line 166676

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