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Subject: Re: [xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Minutes - Tuesday, 10 Dec 2002

Just noticed one item that I omitted from the minutes which was discussion around listing all enumerated values for attributes in the specification (or not). At issue is whether these values are part of the specification or part of another schema. An agenda item is to be added to next week's meeting for this issue.


Mark Levins
IBM Software Group | Dublin Software Laboratory | Airways Industrial Estate | Cloghran | Dublin 17 | Ireland
Phone: +353 1 7046676 | IBM Tie Line 166676

Mark Levins/Ireland/IBM@LOTUSINT

11/12/2002 11:22

[xliff] XLIFF Teleconference Minutes - Tuesday, 10 Dec 2002

1) Roll Call
Present: Mark Levins, John Reid, Tony Jewtushenko, Matt Lovatt, Enda McDonnell, Milan Karasek, Shigemichi Yazawa, Bryan Schnabel, Christian Lieske, Reinhard Schaler
Observing: Doug Domini
Apologies: Peter Reynolds, Mirek Driml, Yves Savourel
Absent: Gerard Cattin des Bois, Jonathan Clarke, Ian Dunlop, John Corrigan, David Pooley

2) Outstanding Issues
Issue 1(of Tony's emailed document) - Extending attribute values
Christian outlined his latest proposal previously emailed to the group. Shigemichi listed some of the problems with using 'union' and 'redefine' approaches to attribute value extension. Discussion then moved to 'x-' usage + some URI + attribute value where the URI was specific to a user's company. John Reid made the point that the 'x-' preposition was already an extension and therefore the use of URIs was at a users discretion. Talk then moved to discussion on where extended attributes would be allowed, Mark moved to defer this until the next meeting. After a vote, it was agreed to use the 'x-' mechanism for attribute value extension.

Issue 2 - Context group
Closed from previous meeting.

Issue 3 - 'default' and 'defaults'
Christian outlined his emailed proposal and his preferred option of using XPath. Mark raised his objections to using XPath in the specification on the basis of the complexity it would add to processing an XLIFF document. Mark raised John Reid's suggestion of using <group> to store defaulted values and adding the defaultable attributes to the group element. Tony suggested closing out on the original proposal and not using XPath by replacing the default strategy with <group>. John Reid volunteered to redefine the proposal around new attributes of <group> for the next meeting.

Issue 4 - Phase names in <alt-trans>
John outlined his most recent proposal which required very little changes to the XLIFF specification on the basis that it already provided enough support for tracking phases and histories. Tony motioned for voting on John's proposal at the next meeting, giving everyone enough time to digest the proposal and be happy with the suggested additional attribute values.

Issue 6 - reformat element revisited
Matt tabled new suggestions for reformatting based on previously sent email. Mark raised objections to instruction-based reformat element that would require  similar functionality to XPath and suggested adding new specific elements for content that can be changed as part of the translation process (e.g. font, coord, style etc) where these elements could contain a boolean attribute to indicate whether they could be altered. Matt agreed to further investigate this approach and create some examples for the next meeting. Enda then raised the question of how this would affect the 'default' discussion and Matt brought up the ability to default a translation or translatable content. Matt agreed to try to factor these two points into his investigation for the next meeting.

Issue 7 - Context group 'purpose' recommended values
John Reid explained his suggestion for the attribute values. His proposal was unanimously agreed.
It was also agreed to add a new item for discussion at the next meeting based on multiple attribute values (lists) and valid separators based on Mark's email.

Issue 8 - phase-name as optional <alt-trans> attribute
After the discussion on issue 4, this item was deemed to be obsolete.

3) Schedule of Remaining Work
Omitted due to meeting overrun.

4) AOB
Mark raised work of Free Standards Group Open Internationalization Initiative's Common XML Locale Announcement for discussion. This will be added to the agenda of the next meeting wrt relevance to XLIFF.

5) Next meeting
Tuesday 17th December at changed time of 4.00 p.m. / 8.00 a.m.

Mark Levins
IBM Software Group | Dublin Software Laboratory | Airways Industrial Estate | Cloghran | Dublin 17 | Ireland
Phone: +353 1 7046676 | IBM Tie Line 166676

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