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Subject: [xliff] Fw: XLIFF 1.1 Draft 2b

Yves has been having some mail problems with the OASIS mailing lists,  so
he's asked me to forward these onto you.

These documents will be the basis for Tuesday's teleconference.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Yves Savourel" <ysavourel@translate.com>
To: "Tony Jewtushenko" <Tony.Jewtushenko@oracle.com>
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 4:28 PM
Subject: XLIFF 1.1 Draft 2b

> Hi Tony,
> I got back into the xliff-comments eList but I'm still out of some others
> (still no feedback from Oasis what happened or why, but I'm sure it'll be
> solve soon).
> Meanwhile, could you please post on the main xliff eList the message below
> with the attached files? Most of the action items in the Issue Report have
> been done, as well as some additional clean up. Still a lot to do, but we
> are getting there.
> Thanks
> -yves
> ==================================================
> Notes for Working Draft 2b
> ==========================
> Attached:
> - XLIFF-1-1-Draft-2b.zip: Specifications and schemas.
> - SourceFiles.Zip: Original source files to build the specification
> document. At some point I'll merge the two schemas in one to make it more
> compact.
> A) Must Read
> ------------
> 1- I've started to delete removable text and remove highlights to get
> to the final draft. Yellow highlights are just notes that will be remove.
> All: Please read them, some are questions that need to be answered.
> 2- Tony, Jonathan or Peter: Could you let me know what to do with the
> contributors listed with question marks? And review the list for possible
> corrections.
> 3- Ignore anything related to <reformat> since we haven't decided anything
> final yet for that part (The current draft as some new text related to
> Matt-s original proposition).
> 4- All: Need help in make the XSD schema work for validating a list of
> pre-defined values and a pattern for 'x-*'. The current schema has a test
> for this for the context-type values. The XSD schema validates in XMLSpy,
> but the Test2.xlf file (also in the Zip file) does not.
> B) Read if You Have Time
> ------------------------
> I had a lot of problems trying to move the current HTML specification
> document to XHTML. Using tools like Tidy for this created various (and
> rather surprising) display problems. In addition it seems that none of the
> HTML editors I have can handle XHTML cleanly.
> So, I looked for a different (maybe temporary) solution: The specification
> document is now generated automatically from an HTML source file, and the
> HTML output of the XSD schemas gone through XSL transformation. I wrote a
> little tool to do the merging of the formatted XSD chunks into the HTML
> source.
> Maybe when some browsers will fully support XLink we can play with that.
> now, it works. For you personal entertainment I've included all that
> mechanism in SourceFiles.zip (in case someone has nothing better to do
> looking at it).
> The styles for the merged section need to be tuned up, but that should be
> easy.
> That's all for now,
> -yves

Attachment: SourceFiles.zip
Description: Zip compressed data

Attachment: XLIFF-1-1-Draft-2b.zip
Description: Zip compressed data

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