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Subject: Re: [xliff] Working on the Specification Updates

I've just two quick points in response to John's mail: 'self' might be an alternate possibility instead of 'this-file' for the origin attribute and with regard to the state attribute of <target>, should all of the values not be in lower case, in line with our recommendation.

Mark Levins
IBM Software Group,
Dublin Software Laboratory,
Airways Industrial Estate,
Dublin 17,
Phone: +353 1 704 6676
IBM Tie Line 166676

John Reid <jreid@novell.com>

28/01/2003 06:11

Re: [xliff] Working on the Specification Updates

Hi Yves, et al,
- My point about section 3.2.2 also relates to #8 where I suggest a  resectioning of the elements. There are other named groups than those listed and  it doesn't really need to be a separate section (IMO). My #8 point is "I've  never liked the order I gave the spec." This is not important but I do  think it could be reordered a bit, if you agree.
- I guess the origin attribute would be enumerated with the 'this-file'  attribute value. Maybe this isn't such a good idea? Can you think of a way to  implement this concept?
- I had suggested the tu-state attribute with  values "needs-translation", "needs-review", "needs-resizing",  "translation-approved", and "sizing-approved" be added to  <trans-unit>. There could be multiple values. I don't like tu-state but I  think it was approved.
- The above naming was suggested to distinguish it from the state attribute  of the <target>. The  'TM-Suggestion', 'MT Suggestion',  'Rejected-Inaccurate', 'Rejected-Spelling', 'Rejected-Grammar',  'Rejected-Length' values were approved for the state attribute.
- Maybe we should clarify this better in the meeting ... Should  <trans-unit> have the state attribute with "translation-approved" and  "sizing-approved" values added? Should a different attribute be added to  <target> with the suggested values? Would this make more sense?
- How is 'kenavo' pronounced?

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